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Landscaping Extension: fast import of real world heightmaps (topography) as Unreal Engine Landscapes, World Partition or World Composition from Mapbox in conjunction with Landscaping Plugin.

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This plugin is an extension of Landscaping!

  • Automatic download of heightmaps from Mapbox (free registration on Mapbox to retrieve API key required)
  • Automatic download of satellite imagery from Mapbox
  • Automatic download of vector tiles from Mapbox
  • Just select area on map and hit import (with Landscaping plugin)
  • Intelligent caching of heightmaps/satellite data/vector tiles for reimport of areas (saves API calls)
  • The Landscaping plugin is necessary to harness the full power of fast real world heightmap import
  • Without Landscaping plugin, you can download heightmaps programmatically to retrieve raw heightmap data ready to generate Unreal Engine Landscapes

Check out the tutorial video how to use it with Landscaping: here

Import over 200 km2 Landscape: Fast Import

For the plugin you need a free Mapbox Account to get the API key. Mapbox offers 750,000 raster tiles (heightmaps and satellite) and 200,000 vector tiles in the free plan, which is more than you will probably ever need for heightmap import.



  • ย Automatic download of heightmap tiles from given area (bounding box)
  • ย Use Landscaping plugin to get the UI and open world creation automation with very fast intuitive workflow

Code Modules:

  • ย Landscaping Mapbox (Editor)

Number of C++ Classes: 7
Source is included

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: all

Documentation: Landscaping Docs

Important/Additional Notes: This is an extension of the Landscaping plugin

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