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Customer FAQ

Where can I download the content?

The content can be downloaded through the Unreal Assetstore Loader. The App is available for Windows 10/11 and Linux here. The app will be available for MacOS shortly.

What license should I choose?

There are three license types. Which one depends on the size of your company and how much revenue it makes per year. For an individual or very small business, which makes below 200.000 USD per year, the Individual license is aplicable. For an small sized studio with 500.000 USD revenue per year, the Indie-Studio license is fit. For bigger business, please choose the Commercial license.

Where can I set my preferred license?

To set the default license, please go to your account and select your preferred license in the Account details section.

Publisher FAQ

What does it cost to list products on the Unreal/Assetstore?

Listing products is free. For every sale the proceeds are split 90/10. You as a publisher keep 90%.

Do I owe Epic Games royalties for selling products here?

No. Epic Games only collects royalties for games. At the time of writing (Dec. 2023) you are obliged to report to Epic Games if you create a game with Unreal Engine and sell it. After reporting it, sales of the product are free until 1 Mio US$ revenue is reached. For further information please read Epic Games Content EULA.

I want to import products from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Where can I do it?

In the Publisher Area go to “Products” and there you’ll find a button on the top right corner: “Import from UEM”. It will lead to a section where you can import and update the descriptions and images directly from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
As soon as the images are imported (might take a couple of seconds per product) the product can be edited and the content can be provided as link to a .zip file.

The upload of my content says ‘pending’. What does it mean?

The update of the content is queued and an attempt to update will be made every half hour.

The upload of my content says ‘changes needed’. What action should I take?

The update processor checks certain criteria. Most importantly the files have to be provided in zip format. The file link should point to the zip file. The processor tries to download it automatically and will check for viruses and if the content does include the necessary files.
In order to check if your file link points to a .zip file, paste the link in the address field of your browser. If the download of the file starts immediately, the link is valid and can be used for a content update.

Unreal Assetstore Loader FAQ

Where can I download the Unreal/Assetstore Loader?

You’ll find the appropriate version for your OS here.

Help Menu (?)

The Assetstore Loader contains a help menu where all features are described. It can be found under der Question-Mark in the App.

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