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Publisher Guideline

Welcome to the publisher guideline. We are glad you want to sell your creations on Unreal/Assetstore. Here you’ll find all relevant information for listing, selling and distributing your Unreal Engine related content.

Important: The guideline sets the rules which have to be followed by any individual or company using the Unreal/Assetstore. Violations of the guideline may result in actions against an account, including de-listing of the product or suspension or termination of the account.

Disclaimer: Unreal/Assetstore by Ludic Drive is an independent platform not connected to Epic Games. Its sole purpose is to provide a place where developers, designers and all users of Unreal Engine can find content, plugins and other products strictly related to Unreal Engine which helps them to realize their projects. As a worldwide platform, it aims to increase visibility of Unreal Engine content creators and developers.


The content which a publisher (you) sells to a customer is called product or the content in the following sections.


  1. The listing of products in the Unreal/Assetstore is free of charge. Publishers get 90% on every sale of their product.
  2. A product must be Unreal Engine related content, fitting in one of the categories provided.
  3. A product has to be complete and fully functional upon submission.
  4. A product can not be offensive or demeaning towards any person, group, organization or other product.
  5. A product can not include copyrighted or trademark protected names, branding, or content which the publisher is not allowed to use or re-sell.
  6. A product which includes gruesome material, exploitation, sexual content depicting minors, hate speech or political propaganda might be removed from the Unreal/Assetstore without further notice.
  7. The decision if a product will be listed in the Unreal/Assetstore lies in the platforms discretion.

Product Description and Images

A product displayed in the Unreal/Assetstore has a title, short description, long description, a main image as well as gallery images, a category, tags and licenses with prices.

  1. A product has to have a descriptive and distinct title. It can not contain words or trademark protected brands from other companies or individuals. The title has to be in English language and should not mislead the customer.
  2. A product has a short description, which highlights the main purpose or distinct primary feature of the content.
  3. A product has a long description, which contains the relevant technical information of the product. It should contain links to videos, sound-previews or technical documentation when fit. The technical description must also contain any dependencies the content may have. If the content has special hardware requirements, they should also be given in the long description.
  4. The main image has to have a resolution of 256 x 256 pixel. It will be displayed in the shops pages alongside other products.
  5. Gallery images have to have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel. They will appear in the products view.
  6. A product must be assigned to at least 1 category.
  7. A product might have up to 15 tags.
  8. A product can have up to 3 different licenses with individual prices.

Content Submission

The content which will be delivered to the customer for download has to be provided through a link to a zip-file that can be automatically processed by the Unreal/Assetstore. Content can be distributed in 4 different forms: Asset Pack, Complete Project, Code Plugin or Other.

Distribution Method

Asset Pack

Asset Packs can be used inside of an existing Unreal Engine project. They will be distributed to the Content folder of a project. They can only have one folder in the zip file, where all assets are organized.

Complete Project

If the product is meant to be a template to build a new project upon, complete project distribution method should be selected. It has to contain at least a Content and Config folder with .ini files in the Config folder and a .uproject file.

The file structure should be as following:
├── Config
├── Content
│   └── MyProject
├── MyProject.uproject

Code Plugin

A code plugin is a C++ extension of the Unreal Engine codebase. It will be distributed into the Unreal Engines Plugins folder (Engine/Plugins/Marketplace). It has to be submitted with the binaries compiled for all supported platforms. Source Code might or might not be included. The folder structure in the zip file must only contain a Plugins folder, with all necessary files in it.

The file structure should be as following (Marked with * are mandatory):
├── Plugins*
│   ├── MyPlugin*
│   │   ├── Binaries*
│   │   ├── Intermediate*
│   │   ├── Config
│   │   ├── Content
│   │   ├── Resources*
│   │   ├── Source
│   │   │   ├── MyModule
│   │   │   │   ├── Private
│   │   │   │   ├── Public
│   │   │   │   └── MyModule.build.cs
│   │   │   └── ThirdParty
│   │   ├── MyPlugin.uplugin*


If the content does not fit in any of the above distribution methods (e.g. if it is a set of tutorial videos), Other may be selected. The customer can download the content to disk. Instructions how to use the content has to be given in the long description of the product.

Third-Party Software

A publisher must include all relevant licenses when their content uses third-party software. The licenses have to be in a text file inside the zipped content.


Every product can have up to 3 licenses assigned, which can have individual prices. At least 1 license has to be assigned so that the product can be sold under that license.

All licenses are grants of digital rights to the customer. These digital rights are non-exclusive to a single customer. The purchase of a product grants the rights to download, use, modify and publish in the customer’s own product for private or commercial use. It however does not grant the customer the right to publish or re-distribute the source code of the product. The customer earns the right infinite time (perpetual license).

For the details on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine licensing related to content please review their Content EULA.

The license types a publisher can grant to a user through Unreal/Assetstore are:


License for individuals and businesses with under 200,000.00 USD revenue per year.


License for small businesses with under 500,000.00 USD revenue per year.


Larger companies and Corporations with revenue exceeding 500,000.00 USD per year.

Unreal Engine version

Along with the submission of the link to the zip-file, the compatible Unreal Engine versions have to be selected. Multiple versions can be selected if the content supports so. For every version an entry will be generated and the version will be displayed in the product page in the store after successful processing.


The platforms which the content is tested to work with have to be selected on submission of the link to the zip-file. The so selected compatible platforms will be shown in the product page in the store.

Quality Control

The publisher is responsible to provide a product which works as advertised. To ensure that the content works as intended, the publisher should download the content after processing by the Unreal/Assetstore to confirm that the contents quality ensures its intended use.

Customer Support

The publisher has to provide support to their customers. Support can be done by any communication channel, however, it is recommended to clearly communicate the preferred communication channel to the customer in the long description. A support inquiry should be answered within 2 business days. Support has to be provided for at least 3 months after purchase.


Every product has to have sufficient documentation provided to allow the customer to use the product as advertised. Additionally video tutorials should be provided whenever possible. The documentation can be provided in form of a pdf or as a website, as blueprint/comments and has to be accessible publicly or after purchase of the product. The documentation should also contain a section about how to install, play-back, activate and/or integrate the product if this is necessary for the product to work correctly.


Refunds are handled by the publisher upon customer request. It lies solely at the discretion of the publisher to grant a refund. However, refunds can not be granted after 14 days after purchase. If the customer and the publisher cannot agree upon a refund request, the dispute may be settled by the Unreal/Assetstore. A publisher is obliged to hold sufficient funds in the connected Stripe account to fulfill refunds.

A customer can request a refund only in the order section in the my-account page.

A publisher can only grant/decline a refund request in the publisher area in the Refunds section.


If the publisher is not able to give support within 2 business days, he should indicate so by setting the publisher account into vacation mode. This can be done in the publisher area in the Vacation section.


A customer who bought the product may leave a review between 1 and 5 stars to a product along with their opinion as a comment. Publishers can answer a review and it is recommended to do so as customers can replace their review at a later time, e.g. to give a higher rating. Reviews are not meant to be a conversation. For conversations, an internal messaging system is provided by the store.


A publisher has three options in order to receive payouts.
– Stripe – a Stripe Standard account has to be connected
– PayPal – a PayPal Email address must be provided
– Bank Transfer – a valid IBAN with the correct BIC must be provided (only SWIFT)
Payouts will happen at the beginning and on the 15th of every month if the minimum amount (50€) is reached in the previous period.
The publisher receives 90% of the net price of the product on every purchase.

A Stripe account can be connected in the publisher area in the Payouts section. Other payout details for PayPal or Bank Transfer can also be provided there.


Prices for a product are always net prices without tax. Different licenses can have different prices, whereas the price for Individual license should be the lowest and the Commercial license should have the highest price tag. A publishers can choose any price for their products, however: free products are not allowed. All prices are set in Euro (€).


Publishers can put their products on sale if they wish, however, it is not allowed to have a product on sale constantly, because that would be a deception of the customer. For every week on sale, the product has to be sold at the normal price for 3 weeks.


Sales taxes, VAT or GST will be collected and payed by Unreal/Assetstore as the operator of the platform. Income tax or other forms of individual or business taxes must be cleared by the publishers themselves.

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